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Klartech Detailer Service Centre

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Q. Why are you the only car detailing company in Singapore that are able to provide a definite assurance on the longevity of the ceramic coating service you provide?


A. We provide comprehensive paintwork assurance because when you purchase a coating service from your detailer, you would definitely need to know how long will the ceramic coating lasts; not solely for warranty purposes, but also for expectation as in when should you re-apply it in order to continue to protect your car. However, the typical answer that you can get from the majority of the detailers is a vague one-e.g. "anywhere from X amount of years to X amount of years." This pointless answer is often coupled with little to no guarantee or assurance in writing at all. As car enthusiasts ourselves, we fully understand that frustration. Therefore, as the leader in paintwork assurance policy, we strive to change that.


Q. Why would I want to apply a automotive ceramic coating on my car when my car already has a clear coat from the factory?


A. No standard clear coat or automotive paint is tough enough to resist scratching and environmental contaminants. By applying a ceramic coating, the chances of developing scratches and swirl marks are greatly reduced. There are a few things we can achieve with a ceramic coating on a microscopic level. One of many is to achieve that desirable showroom shine with smooth glass-like texture and provide protection to the car paintwork. By doing so, we can seal the open pores of the car paintwork to greatly reduce the chances of developing new swirl marks and at the same time provide heavy duty protection. 

Q. What is a ceramic coating?

A. Ceramic coating is basically made of Silicon dioxide and/or Titanium dioxide used to raise the mineral hardness of the surface of the paintwork to prevent swirl marks and the smooth glass like texture makes routine cleaning easier. Due to the hardness and smoothness of the surface being raised after application, it reduces the chance of contaminants and acidic biological waste(bird waste) from embedding into the pores of the paint. Thus, it provides heavy duty protection paintwork protection.

Q. Why are there so many different brands of coating with different names for example crystal coating, ceramic coating, glass coating, diamond coating etc.?

A. All of the different names are basically made up of similar chemistry but of varying amounts of quality and durability. The only reason they exist are for marketing purposes and often to confuse the end user rather than its intended purpose. Therefore, finding a installer/applicator with a good amount of experience is advisable, preferably with a detailing company that is willing to back the installation with written durability warranty and/or good maintenance support. Therefore, this is more important than the brand of product itself. Pro tip: Always choose an excellent installer with a good product over a bad installer with an excellent product.

Q. What is the difference between nano-ceramic and the usual stuff?

A. Traditionally, non nano molecules tend to sit above the open pores of the paintwork. Nano molecules of ceramic coating is formulated so that the molecules are tiny enough to fill up the open pores of the paintwork resulting in a stronger covalent bond between the substrate and coating itself and with a longer durability.


Q. What sort of care and maintenance is needed after the application?

A. All you need to do as the end user is to wash the car as per normal. No waxing or polishing is needed!

Q. Why do you carry such a variety of automotive coating products?

A. At Klartech Detailer, we do our best to cater and provide paintwork protection solution to different application needs.

Q. I can see that you have three different packages, Platinum, Gold and Silver. Which one do you recommend?

A. It depends on application. It depends on how you use your car, what is the age of the vehicle, the make of the car and other factors.

Q. What is the pricing like?

A. It depends on application. Contact us for a free vehicle evaluation and consultation now!

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