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Klartech Detailer Service Centre

18 Boon Lay Way #03-118 TradeHub 21

Singapore 609966


T: +65 6665 5678      

M: +65 8686 5678, +65 8683 5678

Mon to Sat: 9 am to 6 pm

Sun & PH: Closed

Appointment Preferred

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Klartech Coating Service 

No standard clear coat or automotive paint is tough enough to resist scratching and environmental contaminants. By applying a ceramic coating, the chances of developing scratches and swirl marks are greatly reduced. There are a few things we can achieve with a ceramic coating on a microscopic level. One of many is to achieve that desirable showroom shine with smooth glass-like texture and provide protection to the car paintwork. By doing so, we can seal the open pores of the car paintwork to greatly reduce the chances of developing new swirl marks and at the same time provide heavy duty protection. 


At Klartech, we use high quality multiple-stage nano-ceramic coating made of Silicon Dioxide and/or Titanium Dioxide to raise the mineral hardness of the surface of the paintwork to protect your paintwork for years to come.

Types of Coverage

For pricing enquiries, please contact us. Annual routine maintenance inspection consists of visual evaluation and consultation only. Vehicle pick-up and labour charges may apply.

Third party research statistics are based on the time of printing and may or may not be accurate. Klartech Detailer will not be held liable for any errors.

The claims of coating failure under these circumstances( owner's negligence of any type and/or traffic accidents including but not limited to acts of vandalism, terrorism, natural disaster etc.) are not sustainable.

Klartech Detailer reserves all rights to accept or reject any claims prior to any investigation. Terms and conditions apply. 

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